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This is the Study of Mekanomics

Mekanomics is a brand for the creatives and the hustlers. In this creative space we have in today's day & age with social media as well as this being one of the greatest wealth transfers in human history, Mekanomics represents all this and it and brings it full circle. The story behind Mekanomics starts with my name. My name is Emeka and its origin is Igbo (ee~bo) a language in Nigerian culture. The name means God Has Done Well. Now since I was young, I've always had the nickname Mek. The neighborhood I grew up in (Grovewood/Lakeshore in Cleveland, OH) called me Mek since I was about 12 being out and about and a hooper it stuck with me to this day. In my neighborhood growing up, like a lot of urban/black neighborhoods in the inner city the focus is sports and entertainment. Personally I love them both, I love the culture and it has helped form me to who I am today, but I want young people that look like me , grow up like me to know there our multiple ways to get the bag, you don't just have to be an athlete or entertainer and even if you are you can leverage that entertainment/athletic platform to build your economics in other areas. Also in our community it is rumored that the dollar only sticks in the community for 6 hours unlike other communities that are more proficient and effective at group economics. Now in early 2018 I was talking to my good friend who also grew up in my neighborhood and we were just having a random conversation and bro ask me jokingly, "Can you name 10+, Thirty+ year old men that you know personally that are doing real well and do not have the title Coach?" now there is nothing wrong with the title coach but it was interesting that that was the only older role models we can thing of and I couldn't name any others. So imagine a 15 year growing up in poverty, pressures of society and he can't even envision life past 30, or seeing life in only one lens that may influence the kid to go down the wrong path. So since then I made it be known however far or well renown as I become whether I took the sole entrepreneur or if I took an athlete or entertainer route, I have to always bring it back and learn business, skills, economics and niches and then teach the execution and the game to my community. Mekanomics

The Story behind the logo first is the diamond shape. Diamonds are viewed as rare commodities and are also known as a women's best friend. With Mekanomics I want women and men to wear this and to feel like diamonds, gold, and money. I want women in Mekanomics to feel like the superwomen they are men to wear this and feel and aspire to be kings and the best version of themselves. Fashionable, Fly and Flexible. The M stands for Mindset, & is the first letter in Mek and is wrapped around a diamond, which also symbolizes a diamond in a rough.